Every house has its own charm. It is a known fact that the cleanliness of any house cannot be determined with the exterior looks.  There are two places that actually speak a lot about the quality and the cleanliness of the house. They are the bathroom/toilet and the kitchen.

It is because these are the places are very prone to be messed up. If these places are maintained properly, there are good possibilities that the whole house could be clean.  People have transformed, and their vision has changed. Most of them have started giving more importance to kitchens and bathrooms while constructing their house.  For kitchens, there are separate people who have expertise in the field and can take care of the things. But for bathrooms and toilets, it is up to us to decide on every aspect.  There are few brands like Toto which really stands out from the rest. You can check the reviews of toto toilets on shoptoilet to get more information. Here are some of the best sanitary ware brands.


Not just in sanitary wares for every segment, there is always this one brand that commands the first position. When it comes to sanitary ware Jaquar has always been rated as the best for decades together. High quality and the brilliant workmanship are a few aspects that Jaquar has continuously been associated with. This luxury brand is definitely one of the best.   It also has major shares in Joeforlife, a South Korean luxury shower maker. Jaquar has been leading in the segment for decades together, and we can definitely believe in it to stay at the top for a long time.


Kohler is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom wares in the world. It was founded by John Michael Kohler an Austrian in the United States of America. It was found in the year 1873. Kohler has always been one of the best in the world as they have maintained a good standard and have lived up to the customer’s expectations. One of their recent collection the Artist’s Editions has grabbed everyone’s attention all over the world.


Cera which started out as a home décor and tile brand has now successfully transformed into a trusted bathroom and sanitary ware brand. One of the primary reasons for their success is that they adopted the European design which is known for their elegance.  Cera puts design and quality over everything else. In just a few years in the market, they have made sure to give a tough competition for their contemporaries and have attained a special place.


Toto is one of the leading brands in the sector that concentrates on the high-end customer market. In the year 1904 Nippon Taki Partnership was found. In the year 1970, the company was renamed to from Toyo Toki to Toto Kiki. Their recent model, tornado flush toilet was a huge hit in the market. Toto has also won many awards like IF product design and red dot design.