When a young student is asked on what career he or she wishes to pursue, the last and very rare answer we hear is “farming or agriculture”. It is not new and is quite common to hear and see the young generation shying away from said fields. But this is a wrong misconception, as farming and agriculture are high in success options and can yield very good profits if studied and acted upon.


  1. Betterment of Growth and Development

Agriculture is needed to provide nutritional foods to the growing population and for providing a means of livelihood for the people. It is a fact that agriculture can help tackle poverty by four times more than other sectors. What could be more satisfying and meaningful than being a part of the career that helps tackle poverty.

  1. Gold Mine for Young Entrepreneurs

An innovative, dedicated and determined young mind can achieve anything. As in the case of a young woman entrepreneur in Senegal, Randa had decided to use the waste of cashew trees and convert into niche jam for export. Through her success she as carved a path into the global market and allowed her locally made and available products to be stacked upon the supermarkets of foreign countries.


  1. Flooding with Technology

With the rise in latest technology, agriculture has become much more effective and grown due to the young minds of techies who have made apps and other means that promote awareness and alerts among the farmers on how to increase farming and its yields with minimum effort and maximum results. Information and communication go hand in hand with technology.

  1. Need for Young Blood

The young energy minded youth and their new innovative research minds can help revolutionize farming and agriculture. Today because of the growing demand for nutrition and increasing population has led to fresh and creative ideas being introduced like climate-smart agriculture.

  1. Growing Success Rate

There is rise and growth among participation and success of youth indulging in agriculture and farming industries. Attitude towards farming is changing as young entrepreneurs have decided to acquire land , grow crops professionally for trade and manage the enterprises in order to earn a self sufficient livelihood.